Janus Mining was a mining and material supply company in the 24th century, headquartered on Bre'el IV.

In the early 2370s, following a tectonic shift that revealed a vein of uridium on the floor of one of Tellar's oceans, Janus Mining won the contract to mine the ore. At that time, they took on a number of interns from Tellar's Imprek University, including Rebecca Greenblatt. Upon her graduation in 2371, Janus hired her as a full-time employee.

In March of 2381, Janus Mining was awarded a contract to modernize the topaline mining facilities on Capella IV. Janus executive Torvis-Urzon assigned Greenblatt as supervisor for this project. Among her team of 177 were Janus employees Firee, Hruok, Jir Roplik, Shroya, Hugues Staley, T'Lis, Yevgeny Ubekov, and Yinnik.

Emergency Procedure Four was Janus Mining's plan for response to a refinery explosion, and was implemented in April of 2381 when a Capellan refinery was sabotaged. (ST novel: A Singular Destiny)

Presumably, this company had some connection to the mining operation on Janus VI, though this is not made explicit.

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