Jarolleka was a male Corotican in the 24th century. He was academician and an instructor at the Academy in the city of Ajjem-kuyr. He had no family except for an elderly mother, for whom he bought a house in Ajjem-kuyr sometime in the mid 2370s.

At some point during the Dominion occupation of Coroticus III, Jarolleka traveled to the Qrantish Coast to apply for a position as a tutor to the son of a wealthy noble. He was turned down for that job, and returned to Ajjem-kuyr. En route, however, he witnessed a brilliant explosion, and when he arrived, he found the city had been annihilated, on the order of Vorta leader Ushpallar. He spent a month living on the outskirts of the destroyed area, and then spent the time following wandering the countryside.

In late 2376, he encountered a team of Starfleet personnel from the USS da Vinci, visiting the planet to determine the extent of Dominion contamination of the native culture. With Jarolleka's help, they were able to find and capture Ushpallar. Dr. Carol Abramowitz compared Jarolleka to Leonardo da Vinci, a man who could lead a revolution in scientific understanding on his world, and tried to convince religious leader Dyrvelkada that scientific pursuit was not antagonistic to religion. Thanks to Abramowitz's efforts, Jarolleka resolved to seek Dyrvelkada's help in reestablishing the Academy in the town of Baldakor. (SCE eBook: Fables of the Prime Directive)

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