Jason Nyere was a male Human in the 21st century. He was an officer in the United Earth AeroNav Forces, and had been given his first command by 2030. That year, he accepted the transfer of junior officer Melody Sawyer, who would become his closest friend.

By 2045, Nyere held the rank of Captain, and was commanding officer of the CSS Delphinus, with Sawyer as his first mate. That year, Nyere captured two Vulcan explorers accidentally stranded on Earth. When it appeared that the United Earth Council was about to issue a ruling denying the Vulcans their freedom, he cut off communication from his chain of command, and secretly transported the aliens (along with a crew of temporally displaced humans from the future) to the coast of Mali.

Following this incident, of which Nyere had memories erased, he retired from AeroNav, and settled near Lagos. He suffered repeated bouts of depression before dying of a fever in 2064. (TOS novel: Strangers from the Sky)

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