Jaxxon was a male Phantasian in the 24th century, a member of the Taru Bolivar, and brother of Taru Bolivar leader Elless. In 2376, Jaxxon was one of a number of Taru Bolivar operatives who set time bombs at different locations owned by entrepreneur Rod Portlyn around the Norvel star system. The bomb Jaxxon set, at a facility on planet Vemlar, inadvertently injured Starfleet Commander Sonya Gomez. Jaxxon's spacecraft was shot down by Portlyn's security forces as he attempted to flee the planet, resulting in extensive injuries, including irreparable damage to his vocal cords. He was transferred to the care of Doctor Elizabeth Lense on the USS da Vinci, but despite her best efforts, he was not expected to recover. During her treatment, Lense discovered an encoded computer chip embedded in the base of Jaxxon's skull, which eventually led the da Vinci to the Taru Bolivar on Phantas 61.

Jaxxon was eventually returned to his brother on Phantas 61, and presumably died while in his care. (SCE eBook: The Art of the Deal)

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