A jelorakem was a cherished object in the Valzhan culture, which recorded and kept the full history of an individual clan over generations.

The jelorakem was a metallic four-sided obelisk, just under 50 centimeters high, decorated with etchings which alluded to significant events in a clan's history. Within the obelisk was a device which projected near-holographic images recorded from the clan's history. By tradition, no one outside the clan was permitted to view this history.

The disposition of all jelorakems were tracked by the Ancestral Commission, who also determined the disposition of jelorakems when a clan ceased to exist or could no longer care for the heirloom. Generally, a jelorakem was destroyed when its family line ended.

In 2376, Guardian Royano was charged with bringing the jelorakem of Clan Briphachi to its former patriarch, Saraven, in Elysia, after that family had joined with Clan Iggrazo. After allowing Saraven to view his family history a last time, the jelorakem was to be destroyed. (SCE eBook: Where Time Stands Still)

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