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Jenna Reed was a female Human privateer during the late-24th century.

In 2380, Reed was serving aboard the Celtic as first officer when it discovered the USS Reston, a ship that had gone missing at the Battle of Sector 001, in the Korso Spanse. She would lead the away team that boarded the Reston and discovered that all the Borg aboard the Reston were inactive. Once aboard the Reston, Reed's team began reactivating the ship, but were unable to restore the engines so the Celtic began towing it when the ship's tactical systems activated and destroyed the Celtic for breaching the security of the ship. This incident left Reed in supreme command of the team as the captain had been killed aboard the Celtic. As they continued aboard the Reston a Borg was discovered and it was believed that it was one of the Borg that had originally boarded the ship. However, it was soon discovered that the crew had been sold out by Captain Walsh in an experiment to turn them into Borg. Eventually, Reed and the remaining crew were forced to become Borg in order to control the ship and avoid destruction by Federation ships. (ST novella: Revenant)