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For other uses, see Jex.

Jex was a drug that can be synthesized from the saliva of a Jenkth.

Illegal in the Federation, jex was known to have intelligence-enhancing effects in humanoids, and had been used by students as a performance enhancement at high-pressure schools, such as Starfleet Academy. Unfortunately, without precisely controlled dosage, jex could cause horrible mutagenic reactions, insanity and death. In the year 2371, a number of Starfleet cadets were found to be under the influence of jex after a jex smuggling ring became active in San Francisco. A Human named Carson was a member of this organization, which was centered around Sssthss, a Jenkth who had been brought to Earth as a source for the drug. The sale of Sssthss's jex was stopped by a Starfleet Security sting operation in which Cadets Matthew Decker and Yoshi Mishima infiltrated the smugglers' den. (SA comic: "Prime Directives")

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