The Jo'Payav was the first warp ship built by the Payav of planet Mestiko. It was launched from the nation-state of Gelta circa 2264, attracting the notice of a passing Andorian passenger transport, and leading to the United Federation of Planets taking steps toward formal first contact with the Payav. (TOS eBook: Mere Anarchy: Things Fall Apart)

The Jo'Payav held a crew of four, including a commander, a first officer, and a science officer. As of 2267, Colonel maTara was the commander of the Jo'Payav, under the authority of the Zamestaad.

The Jo'Payav was destroyed in 2267 by Norrb Councillor Traal, in an effort to prevent maTara from knocking a satellite out of orbit above Norrb territory. (TOS eBook: Mere Anarchy: The Centre Cannot Hold)

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