John Hollingsworth was a male Xenexian active in Starfleet in the early 25th century. He was the commanding officer of the Typhoon-class starship USS DeWitt.


In the year 2409, Captain Hollingsworth led a Starfleet task force to the Alhena system to recapture a starbase taken by the Klingon Defense Force earlier that year. KDF reinforcements arrived on orders from Chancellor J'mpok, disabled the DeWitt, and destroyed her compatriots.

A Klingon away team beamed aboard and fought their way to the battleship's bridge, slaughtering the crew in their path and cornering Hollingsworth in his ready room. The leader of the team demanded the command codes for the vessel, but Hollingsworth refused. Under interrogation the Xenexian instead gave up the access codes for the Sol system's defense grid.

The leader of the away team may have then executed Hollingsworth, or he may have expired from his wounds. What is known is that the away team returned to their ship, whereupon the DeWitt was used for target practice. (STO mission: "Second Star to the Right, Straight on 'til Morning")



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"John Hollingsworth" is probably an Anglicization of his Xenexian name, as with Captain Mackenzie Calhoun (real name "M'k'n'zy of Calhoun").

He formerly reused the in-game model for Calhoun, who is stationed at Deep Space K-7. However, both characters' appearances were altered between Seasons 9 and 9.5, making them unique and changing their uniform to the Odyssey style.

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