Jomo Murumbi was a 23rd century Human male. By the 2260s, Murumbi was serving in the United States of Africa's Special Forces, holding the rank of captain.

In October 2264[1], Murumbi was assigned duty in Obbia, Somalia. On the 16th of that month, Murumbi was killed whilst in performance of these duties.

Prior to his death, Murumbi was romantically involved with Nyota Uhura. In the years following his death, Uhura mourned him as if she was a widow and put her life on hold, refusing to find a new love, and even not taking the shore leave that she should when she served in Starfleet. (TOS - Star Trek II Short Stories short story: "Under Twin Moons")



  1. The date of 2164 was given in "Under Twin Moons". The date has been adjusted to 2264, due to the fact that he personally knew Nyota Uhura, make a mid-22nd century date for his death rather impossible.

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