Captain Jon Rachman was a male Human Starfleet officer serving in the 24th century. He was considered young by some, but nevertheless, he was in command of the USS Regal by the year 2370.

In 2370, the Regal and the USS Valor were assigned to escort the antimatter tanker Phoenix to Deep Space 9. Nearing the space station, the Regal and the Valor were attacked by Klingon mercenaries in Birds of Prey. Following the battle, Rachman wanted to follow the Phoenix through the wormhole despite his ship needing repairs. Admiral Alynna Nechayev later asked Captain Rachman to submit a report on the incident. While taking the ship out on a shakedown cruise Rachman revealed his interest in Major Kira Nerys. He later enjoyed a date with her, but was interrupted when the Phoenix returned. After returning, the Phoenix was destroyed by the Birds-of-Prey. Rachman took the Regal out and scared the Klingons off. (DS9 novel: Antimatter)