Jonathan Lense was a male Human born November 4, 2341, the son of Jennifer Almieri and fraternal twin brother of Elizabeth Lense. As a student, he was a star pupil, as well as captain of his school's swim team, a fencer, and a debater.

Jonathan died sometime after his sixteenth birthday in 2357. His death apparently led to the collapse of the family, and for years to follow, Elizabeth claimed she was responsible for his death, and never told anyone, even her closest friends, of his existence.

Sometime prior to 2377, Almieri was able to use the knowledge gathered at an archaeological dig on Drura Sextus to "resurrect" Jonathan. Just prior to her death, Almieri related this news to Elizabeth by citing the story of Lazarus form the Gospel of Saint John. This resurrected Jonathan participated in experimentation to turn human "templates" into shapeshifters. (CoE eBook: Ghost)

The specifics of Jonathan Lense's death, and his apparent return to life, are unknown.

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