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A Malon cargo ship, filled with dangerous antimatter waste, is sabotaged, leaving it set to explode and wipe out every lifeform in an entire sector.


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Ayala | Chakotay | The Doctor | Fesek | Kathryn Janeway | Neelix | Susan Nicoletti | Pelk | Tom Paris | B'Elanna Torres | Tuvok | Vihaar


Daniel Byrd | Malvin



Malon Prime

Ships and VesselsEdit

Malon export vessel | USS Voyager


Borg | Human | Klingon | Malon | Vulcan


External LinkEdit

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Think Tank
Voyager episode produced Next episode:
Someone to Watch Over Me
Previous episode:
Think Tank
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Someone to Watch Over Me
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An Errant Breeze
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Extreme Measures
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Think Tank
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Someone to Watch Over Me

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