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Juhraya was a human colony near the Federation-Cardassian border. Circa 2321, a Cardassian ship crash-landed on Juhraya, an event considered by some to be the first contact between humans and Cardassians. (VOY - The Brave and the Bold, Book Two novella: The Third Artifact)

Darleen Mastroeni says "most people don't know" this story, and that there are competing claims -- characterized as "Starfleet propaganda" -- that Cardassian First Contact was made by a Starfleet ship and crew. As such, the veracity of her claim is subject to some doubt. The novel Day of the Vipers indicates that Federation-Cardassian first contact took place before or during the year 2318.

Juhraya was a regular destination for Aldo Corsi's freighting company, and was the destination of his ship, Ulrika's Hope, in 2255 when they were boarded by Cardassian forces. (SCE eBook: Home Fires)

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