Julia Murat was a Human female who lived on Torgu-Va and was considered to be the Honored Mother among the population.


Julia was a stocky human woman in her sixties with a sharp voice. She is in very good shape for her age.

Julia was the third wife of Commodore Lucian Murat. She was chosen at the age of sixteen to be the next Honored Mother. Julia bore five sons including Tillean Murat and Lysander Murat. By 2367 Lysander was the last of her surviving children. Tillean provided her with her first grandchild, later Lysander brought her a granddaughter named Alissia Murat.


While Lysander was running the day-to-day operations at the Federation Battle Station Torgu-Va, Julia was his advisor. Lysander gave the illusion that he was leading the war efforts by himself, but in reality he was only second-in-command to his father, Lucian. It was a secret that his 200+ year old father was still alive in stasis and that Julia and Lysander would revive him for consultation when needed.

When the Tarn used an atomic weapon on the Federation station it killed Julia's granddaughter Alissia. Julia, having just seen her granddaughter's body, reported the death to Lysander. When Lysander was more concerned about launching a counter-strike on the Tarn instead of grieving his child, she decided to push for the cease-fire. When Captain Jean-Luc Picard and Admiral Garu Jord provided both sides with the power to destroy each other, Lysander agreed to the cease-fire. Julia then convinced her husband that the cease-fire was for the best.

With the war concluded, Julia had an option to leave Torgu-Va, but she elected to stay and help her son rebuild. She mentioned that she might leave once the rebuilding was completed, but wanted to leave on another starship besides the Enterprise-D. (TNG novel: The Forgotten War)