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Kagran was a male Klingon officer living in the 24th and 25th centuries. He was responsible for coordinating the Iconian Resistance's actions during the Iconian War in 2410.

Biography Edit

During the Iconian invasion in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants, a briefing between several species was organized on Earth Spacedock to discuss the situation. Honor Guard Captain Kagran was chosen by the Alpha Quadrant Alliance leadership to be responsible for the Alliance's moves during the battle with the Iconians. Despite being Klingon, he reports to the commanders of Starfleet, the Romulan Republic and the Klingon Defense Force. (STO mission: "Blood of Ancients")

During the Iconian invasion of Qo'nos, Kagran was personally leading the Alliance efforts to defend the Klingon homeworld. (STO missions: "Brotherhood of the Sword", "Gateway to Gre'thor")

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