In an alternate reality, Kajz was a Coluan-Vulcan hybrid of the 23rd century who was a leading member of the Imperial Planets Science Police, holding the title of castellan. Castellan Kajz's existence in that reality was part of a temporal distortion. Inan unaltered version of events, Kajz was entirely Coluan, with no Vulcan genes, and was the father of Legion of Super-Heroes member Querl Dox. (TOS - Legion of Super-Heroes comic: "Issue 2")

The time travel-distortion caused an "evil" variation of reality that was similar in respects to Star Trek's mirror universe, but with elements of DC Comics characters. In particular, Brainiac 4 was, in DC's primary reality, a predecessor to Brainiac 5. In his unaltered history, he lives in the 30th century, as opposed to this Vulcan version who lives in what is apparently the 23rd century.