Kalisi Reyar was a female Cardassian who lived in the 24th century. Reyar was the daughter of Yannik Reyar and a friend of Miras Vara.

In 2346, Reyar and Vara studied together at school and was with Vara when they studied a Bajoran orb. Reyar later reported the object to her father and the effects it had on her friend Vara. In 2357, Legate Danig Kell sent Reyar, who had become a leading weapons expert, to Bajor, where Skrain Dukat assigned her to the Bajoran Institute of Science. Reyar mainly worked with Mora Pol and Daul Mirosha, under the supervision of Director Sree Yopal. Reyar later began research on an anti-aircraft system that was designed to destroy Bajoran raiders that attempted to leave the atmosphere of Bajor, although her work was sabotaged and erased by Daul before it could be implemented. (ST - Terok Nor novel: Night of the Wolves)

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