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Kalor was a Klingon soldier during the 23rd century.

As an ensign aboard the IKS Flyer's Pride, Kalor raped a Vulcan female captured from a Federation starship.

In 2281, Kalor was a commander and served under Krazz as they kept charge of kidnapped Federation Warrantors of Peace. Kalor convinced Krazz to let him run psychological experiments on the prisoners, leading to the deaths of Resh, Krn, and Jali.

After Krazz died in an earthquake, Kalor took charge of the prisoners and was warned by Liviana Charvanek not to touch the prisoners. After Charvanek left, Kalor ran experiments on T'Shael and only stopped after Cleante al-Faisal offered him sex to stop the experiments. When Charvanek returned and founded al-Faisal and Kalor in bed, she shot him. (TOS novel: Dwellers in the Crucible)

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