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Kanar is a Cardassian alcoholic beverage. (TNG episode: "The Wounded", DS9 episode: "The Wire")

When the Dominion annexed the Cardassian Union, the people of Karemma aquired a taste for the drink. In 2380, the going price for a case of kanar is 200 ilecs or one bottle of Leyles ink. (TNG novel: Q & A)

During the Occupation of Bajor the Cardassians forced local Bajorans to distill kanar. Due to being made from locally sourced ingredients the result had a different flavor. Before the 2409 conference on Deep Space 9 regarding the threat posed by the Borg, Cardassian Ambassador Rugan Skyl requested a starship CO to find him a bottle in exchange for his support at the conference. (STO - "The 2800" mission: "Second Wave")


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