For the primary universe counterpart, see Kang, son of K'naiah.
For other uses, see Kang.

In the mirror universe, General Kang was a prominent Klingon warrior in the service of first the Klingon Empire and then the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance during the 23rd and 24th centuries.

In 2289, the political and military elite of the Klingon Empire met on Korvat to to celebrate their recent conquest of the planet, an unarmed farming colony less than a lightyear from Klingon space which had previously been located in inviolable Terran Empire territory. During his speech, the Terran Empire's ambassador Curzon Dax arrived late and made no effort to remain inconspicuous. Within minutes, Curzon spat at Kang's feet in disgust and decried the manner in which the Klingons were celebrating the "least audacious victory in [their] history" and accused them of having a "miserable empire" before storming out, which earned him Kang's wrath. Having observed this incident, Regent Gorkon and his senior military adviser General Chang speculated as to whether this was a political stunt or whether Spock had chosen the young and inexperienced Dax in haste. Gorkon favoured the former explanation as he believed that the latter did not seem to be consistent with what he knew of Spock or Curzon's reputation.

During the Alliance's invasion of the Terran Republic's territory in 2295, Kang led the conquest of Vulcan. On the first day, Sarek, the President of Vulcan, surrendered immediately and unconditionally. Kang responded by decapitating him. He dumped Sarek's head as well as his body in the main square of ShiKahr. Kang then became the Governor of Vulcan. (TOS - Mirror Universe novel: The Sorrows of Empire)

In 2371, by which time he was well over 100, he was the commander of a bird-of-prey in the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance. Unlike most adult male Klingons, he did not wear a beard. Kang led a fleet of ships against the Borg diamond led by Locutus near Rura Penthe in the Kowletz system. Kang fired on Cardassian and Bajoran vessels that abandoned the fight, calling them cowards and traitors. Kang ordered his forces to hold fire while Jean-Luc Picard, posing as Galen, afflicted the Borg vessel with an Iconian computer virus. Kang was killed when he flew his bird-of-prey into the diamond, disabling the Borg tractor beam and allowing Picard to escape. (TNG - Mirror Universe novella: The Worst of Both Worlds)

That year, B'Elanna, the Supervisor of Ardana, owned a device called a Kang Chair. (VOY - Mirror Universe novella: The Mirror-Scaled Serpent)

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