The Kanst Energy Center was a Tauteean scientific institute housed in a deep facility, 50,000 kilometers wide and located 1,000 kilometers below the surface of Tautee V's second moon. The center was home to thousands of researchers and scientists who had been assembled by Subcommander Prescott to work on the Kanst Energy Experiment, an attempt to provide unlimited power for the Tauteean people.

Although the main research base was located on the second moon of Tautee V, a subsidiary base was located on Hancee and was manned by around three hundred scientists. The energy experiment had been tested on on Hancee, and although it was shown to be an initial success, Hancee was soon ripped apart by an intense subspace disturbance.

A short time later, the moon housing the main facility was ripped apart by a similar subspace disturbance. Luckily, a large chunk of the moon housing the bulk of the center held together after the break-up, and the hundred of survivors were granted a reprieve. Although Prescott felt that they should accept their fate, Folle and many of his associates worked on sending out a radio distress call.

Luckily, their signal reached the Federation starship USS Enterprise, which had worked its way through the subspace waves and the stellar debris to search for survivors. About a hundred staff, including Prescott and Folle were beamed aboard the Enterprise for urgent medical attention. (TOS novel: The Rings of Tautee)

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