Kapok was a Klingon who lived in the late 21st century where he attained the position of Chancellor of the Klingon Empire.

In 2098, he introduced a new policy that stated that any dishonorable acts against the Empire such as rebellion by its conquered races would get the perpetrators punished by being exiled to the prison planet of Rura Penthe. Kapok continued his reign on the Klingon High Council into the 22nd century where he faced opposition from a powerful council member known as Kaltof who was a political enemy of the Chancellor. In the year 2108, Kaltof attempted to poison Chancellor Kapok but failed which led to the renegade along with twenty of his followers being exiled to Rura Penthe. (Decipher RPG module: Worlds)

Preceded by:
Chancellor of the High Council of the Klingon Empire
from at least 2098 — after 2108
Succeeded by:
Chancellors of the High Council of the Klingon Empire
Primary universe Klingon Empire
Mow'gaKapokM'RekKhorkalSturkaKeshDurakOrakKovalLorakB'rakGorkon, son of ToqAzetbur, daughter of GorkonKaargDitaghKravokh, son of J'DoqK'mpecGowron, son of M'RelMartok, son of UrthogJ'mpok
Kelvin timeline
Klingon Chancellor

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