The Kappa class biological facility was a sinister structure introduced on developed Romulan Star Empire colonies.

These buildings are tasked with solving food crisises through the application of science without mercy. Inside, Romulan scientists are given enough resources as well as access to necesary data to turn a few strands of DNA into fully adult livestock or mature crops in under eight weeks time.

The facility uses cloning, genetic manipulation and selective application of mutative radiation. Obscenely, the mutations are actually encouraged by Romulan scientists which can result in the animals gaining extra arms, legs and other deformed organs. Both the animals and the crops are subject to rapid aging treatment for them to reach maturity as quickly as possible. This is done so to avoid rumours that would revolve around such morally debated topics.

The Kappa biological facility provides food for the Romulan colony at a fast rate but also showcases the lengths the Romulan government will go to achieve their goals. Once constructed, Romulan Replicators were allowed to shut down to reduce the strain on the colonial power reserves. (TOS video game: New Worlds)

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