The Karik-tor was a Maymora-class battleship in service of the Vulcan High Command and later Administrator V'Las's faction in the 22nd century.


After the end of the Earth-Romulan War, First Minister T'Pau disbanded the Vulcan Defense Force and ordered all ships to be dismantled including the Karik-tor. However a militarist faction in the Defence Force lead by Commander Zadok secretly begun to stockpile weapons and ships in case Vulcan ever reverted to its old warlike path. Karik-tor was among the ships that were spared from destruction and hidden in a safe location.

In 2165, in preparation of Administrator V'Las's coup, she was place under the command of Commander T'Faral and waited with a fleet close to Vulcan. However the coup was foiled by Starfleet and Vulcan loyalists and V'Las was forced to escaped to the Karik-tor. After Commander T'Faral refused to launch a pointless attack, V'Las killed her, and took command of the fleet. They fled the system to fight another day. (ENT - Rise of the Federation novel: Uncertain Logic)