Karya was a possibly fictional Vori girl, a photometric projection who was a character in a Vori simulation used to brainwash recruits into the Vori war with the Kradin in the galaxy's Delta Quadrant.


In the scenario, Karya was an innocent bystander, a child living in the Larhana settlement, with her maternal grandfather Penno.

When the simulation was run on Commander Chakotay in the year 2374, sympathy for Karya's people drove Chakotay to hate the Kradin. Karya was present when Chakotay was brought to the settlement, wounded. Recovering from his injuries, Karya befriended him as he trained to defend the village, and she offered him a keepsake from her brother, Daryo. The Kradin eventually staged an attack on the village, and Chakotay witnessed the simulated civilians taken for extermination. Chakotay did not understand the deceit until Tuvok showed him the simulation had been reset, with Karya's village restored. (VOY episode: "Nemesis")



Karya was played by actress Meghan Murphy.

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