Kas's battlecruiser was a Klingon Empire Koro't'inga-class battlecruiser starship in service in the early 25th century. The ship saw action during the Federation-Klingon War of 2405-2410. (STO - "Klingon War" mission: "The Kuvah'Magh")


In the year 2409, Ambassador Kas represented the Klingons in the abortive peace negotiations with the Federation on Regulus IV. The diplomatic effort had been setup to fail by a rival of Kas's Great House, Admiral B'vat. When B'vat arrived in his Negh'Var-class flagship, Ambassador Kas returned to his battlecruiser and joined forces with a Starfleet starship defending Regulus IV. Together, they fought off B'vat's escorts and forced him to retreat. Kas's battlecruiser remained in orbit of the planet. (STO - "Klingon War" mission: "The Kuvah'Magh")

Crew manifestEdit

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