For the primary universe counterpart, see Katherine Pulaski.

In the mirror universe, "Momma" Pulaski was a Terran medicine woman living on Celtris III in 2371 whose services "Luc" Picard obtained to care for Wesley Crusher, after the boy was beaten by Gwarz and Khone. Lacking access to modern medical drugs and tools, Pulaski had to make due with herbal poultices and wooden splints to heal Wesley's wounds. Picard paid Pulaski several leks to care for Wesley, and told the boy that "Momma" would get him anything he needed. (TNG - Mirror Universe novella: The Worst of Both Worlds)

Pulaski's first name is not given, but it can be assumed to be "Katherine," just like her mirror counterpart. Another detail worthy of mention is how this Wesley Crusher is paralleled by "our" Pulaski in the form of her nephew, Wes Pulaski.

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