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Kathy Li was a 24th century Human female. By the late 2350s decade, Li was serving in Starfleet as a command division officer, assigned as navigator aboard the USS Fortuna, under the command of Captain Lansing.

By 2359, Li was romantically involved with her fellow crewmate, Lieutenant William T. Riker, whom she had nicknamed "Cupcake". Despite the couple's effort to keep their relationship discreet, the majority of the Fortuna's crew were well aware. The relationship reached its natural conclusion when Riker transferred to the planet Betazed, but Li stated that although it had been fun, there wasn't any space in Riker's life for a permanent relationship.

At Riker's impromptu "farewell party" on the Fortuna's bridge, Li presented him with a single cupcake with a candle on top and had "So Long, Cupcake" inscribed on the top in pink icing. (TNG novel: Imzadi)



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