Sisko approaches the crippled Ke'el Tul.

The Ke'el Tul was a Bajoran starship under the control of the Bajoran Militia.


In 2374, the Ke'el Tul was assigned to find a way to control the tachyon particles in the Denorios Belt. During that mission, she was attacked by a Grigari assault ahip. The Grigari had boarded the Ke'el Tul using breaching pods and began to slaughter the crew and began to tear the ship apart. She had transmitted a jammed distress call, the USS Defiant responded and the Grigari warship cloaked. Because of the tachyon particles in the belt and the Eichner radiation from the Ke'el Tul's fusion reactor, Chief Miles O'Brien wasn't able to beam the survivors to the Defiant. He had recommended to place Pattern enhancers on the survivors so Captain Benjamin Sisko decided to board the Ke'el Tul using a Type-10 shuttlecraft. However, just after he boarded her, the Grigari Assault Ship had decloaked and disabled and boarded the Defiant. But Lieutenant Commander Worf made emergency repairs on the Defiant by following O'Brien's instructions and the Defiant forced the Grigari to retreat. Sisko had managed to save about 15 survivors from the Ke'el Tul and had escaped with his shuttle in time before she was destroyed. What happened to the survivors of the Ke'el Tul and her mission is unknown. (DS9 video game: The Fallen)

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