Kejan Ulli was tall, stocky Bajoran man. When Major Kira was trying to negotiate the release of Remis Jobar's hostages, Ulli stunned Jobar with a phaser. Ulli then told Kira he was a representative of the Dessin-ka, and was sent to render assistance. However, Kira did not trust him so she had Cedra, Dejana, and herself beamed aboard the runabout. Later, Ulli came to DS9 to speak to Benjamin Sisko and try to take the Nekor to Bajor. He became upset when he learned Dejana was in the infirmary. When Sisko refused to allow him to take Dejana, Ulli told him she needed to be taken to the Temple in four days, on the eve of Nis Thamar. He explained that the Dessin-ka consider Berajin to start one the eve of Nis Thamar. Later, Ulli accompanied by Odo and Kira Nerys, came to Commander Sisko's quarters and told him the Nekor had been kidnapped. (DS9 novel: Warchild)

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