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Kelly Bogle was a male human Starfleet officer who served as commanding officer of the USS Farragut in the mid-to-late 2260s. Bogle stood three inches taller than James Kirk, he had a straight backed posture that made him look like the tallest man in the room. He had light brown hair that was never out of place. His straight back posture and consistent hair were a indication that Kelly Bogle commanded his ship by the book. (TOS novel: The Rings of Tautee; TOS - Day of Honor novel: Treaty's Law)

Kelly Bogle had a few other traits. He could match Jim Kirk drink for drink in any officers lounge in the Federation, and play poker with equal skill. He also loved to spin tall tales and did not believe in camaraderie that James Kirk believed in. Bogle ran his ship with sheer determination,rigid discipline and a quest for perfection. (TOS novel: The Rings of Tautee)

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