"Your world has food chains. Mine does not. Our species map is binary; we are either predator or prey. My people were hunted, bred, farmed... we are your livestock of old. We were biologically determined for one purpose, and one purpose alone – to sense the coming of death. I sense it coming now."
Saru, 2256[src]

Kelpiens were a sentient humanoid species native to the planet Kaminar in either the Alpha or Beta Quadrant.

Biology Edit

Kelpiens were humanoid tall lanky beings. A unqiue characteristic they possessed were threat ganglia which allowed them to instinctively sense danger to an accurate degree. The ganglia only emerged when a threat was imminent.


In the 23rd century, Federation Starfleet officers rescued a Kelpien named Saru. Saru eventually became the first of his species to join Starfleet. (DSC novel: Desperate Hours; DSC episode: "The Vulcan Hello")

Culture Edit

The Kelpiens were bred as a food source possibly by some other advance civilization and thus were known for their vigilance to danger.

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