Keltara, also known as "the Frozen Death", was a frozen planetoid located in the Lapeders sector of the Gamma Quadrant that was discovered in the 24th century after the discovery of the Bajoran wormhole.

History Edit

Following that time, the Klingon Empire began exploring the Gamma Quadrant where they discovered this world and called it Keltara, the Frozen Death. It served as a training camp for the Klingons who also conducted their version of shore leave on its surface.

In 2370, the IKS K'Tang travelled to Keltara whereupon contact was lost with it. This led to an expedition in an runabout, the USS Orinoco, commanded by Lieutenant Jadzia Dax and consisted of Doctor Julian Bashir as well as Koleth who intended to discover the fate of the Klingon warship since it was believed that it was destroyed by the Cardassians.

Keltara contained a lifeform resembling a large cat-like predator with purple fur. There were also trees that resembled pine trees. (DS9 - Hearts and Minds comics: "For the Glory of the Empire", "On the Edge of Armageddon")


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