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The Kendra Valley is an area of Kendra Province on Bajor. Among the settlements there are Korto City and Vekobet.

In 2368, the Kendra Valley massacre took place in the Kendra Valley when the Cardassians learned that members of the Bajoran Resistance were in hiding there. Fearing that the Cardassians would kill the more than one thousand residents of the valley, Opaka Sulan revealed the location of the resistance fighters, including her son Opaka Fasil. The resistance fighters were later killed and Prylar Bek took responsibility for revealing their location to protect Kai Opaka. (ST - Terok Nor novel: Dawn of the Eagles, DS9 episode: "The Collaborator")

In 2374, an earthquake occurred in the Kendra Valley that was caused by an instability in the Bajoran wormhole due to the start of the Reckoning. (DS9 episode: "The Reckoning")

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