Kesla Randu was a female Bajoran in the 24th century. She was a construction contractor whose company, in 2376, was given a contract by Starfleet to build a new space station, Deep Space 10, near the Cardassian and Talarian borders. She and her team designed and built Deep Space 10 with a combination of Federation and Cardassian techniques, based on examinations of Deep Space 9 and other Nor-class stations. In many cases, specifications for DS10 exceeded requirements; however, the project was completed three weeks ahead of schedule, earning Kesla a bonus and a week-long vacation to Risa.

When DS10 started suffering multiple operational breakdowns, Kesla was sent to the station to offer her assistance -- in large part because the work her company had done on the station was considered an important sales point for potential future clients. Her visits coincided several times with those of the USS da Vinci, and Kesla struck up a friendly relationship with P8 Blue, who she tried to talk into leaving Starfleet and coming to work for her company.

Lieutenant Nancy Conlon once commented that Kesla was the first happy-looking Bajoran she had ever encountered. (CoE eBook: Troubleshooting)

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