The Kessok solarformer was a silicate-based device with optronic nodes interlaced throughout the structure and a numerical designation to identify it. The solarformer was designed to reform stars that emit antiprotons, for the purpose of making star systems suitable for colonization. The Cardassian tampered with the solarformers' computer programming using control rods, thus turning them into weapons, with one such modified device having been used to destroy the star Vesuvi and cripple the Vesuvi system.

In 2378, a solarformer crashed onto the surface of Alioth VI. The Prendal III outpost provided the USS Sovereign with information of this crash, leading Lieutenant Commander Data to brave the planet's hazardous atmosphere to investigate. When the Sovereign salvaged parts of the solarformer, they used the makeup to try and locate more of the devices, with the help of the USS Geronimo and the USS San Francisco.

When Starfleet found out that they had to protect the solarformers, the Sovereign was able to stop Legate Matan from destroying the last one. (ST video game: Bridge Commander)

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