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Kezal was a male Hirogen hunter who had ascended to the position of Beta Hirogen under Ormoch.

In 2381, Ormoch's Hirogen hunting vessel was part of a pack that attacked the USS Aventine and the USS Enterprise-E after they passed through a subspace tunnel to end up near the Carina Arm near the median between the Delta and Gamma Quadrants. Ormoch sacrificed his vessel on a ramming course against the Aventine in order to board the ship, losing many fine relics in the process. Kezal and Ormoch infiltrated and captured the Aventine's main engineering section without resistance, and were to working to override the computer lockouts when they were confronted by Lieutenant Simmerith, who utilized his natural toxic secretions to kill Ormoch as Lonnoc Kedair looked on. Kezal assumed the Alpha position and attacked Kedair, impaling her with a sword, but her Takaran physiology prevented any significant damage and she killed Kezal with his own bladed weapons. (ST - Destiny novel: Mere Mortals)

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