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What was once a paradise begins to crumble between Khan’s fingers. Following a planetary cataclysm, Khan must contend with the rapid deterioration of his formerly ripe and bountiful new home on Ceti Alpha V. In the face of dwindling resources and the beginnings of a revolt from within, Khan continues to hold out hope for rescue and the eventual salvation of his people. But for how long?


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Marla McGiversKhan Noonien SinghJoachimTamas
Referenced only 
James Tiberius KirkMontgomery Scott

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SS Botany Bay
Referenced only 
USS EnterpriseSaturn V


Ceti Alpha V
Referenced only 
Ceti Alpha VI

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monthplanetorbitmeteor strike • radio wave • 1993rocketshuttlecraftescape podwarp engine


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Khan: Ruling in Hell, Issue 1
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Khan: Ruling in Hell
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Khan: Ruling in Hell, Issue 3
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