Khod was a 23rd century Klingon individual, an officer in the Klingon Empire's Defense Force. Khod's specialty was as a starship captain.

In the year 2268, Khod was part of a plan to waylay the Federation starship USS Enterprise in the disputed Tellun star system. Kryton, an Elasian spy on board Enterprise, was working with Khod in setting the Enterprise engines to destroy the ship if it tried to engage warp drive. Khod's battle cruiser taunted the Enterprise, in the hopes of tricking Captain James T. Kirk into going to warp. Khod was unsuccessful in provoking the Enterprise and resorted to an all out attack on the underpowered starship. Kirk's crew had succeeded in discovering the tampering and did not take the bait, and were able to restore the ship's battle capability in time to deliver a full counter-attack against Khod. (TOS episode & Star Trek 7 novelization: Elaan of Troyius; CCG set: These Are the Voyages, card: "Khod, Conniving Captain")

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