The Kintarra (singular Kintarran) were a tall space-faring lizard-like species. They had neck frills that can convey emotion and tails that, like a lizard, can break off but it was very painful for them. The species seems to know of profit, and at least two members try to obtain profit using underhanded means. Their term for a year was called an egg-cycle. Their skin color seems to be different for each individual, with a male named Puor having tangerine-colored skin and a female named Ta'kha having turquoise-colored skin.

It is unknown if skin color is different for each individual or if it is some type of sexual dimorphism, with those colors being specific to each gender.

The Kintarra had a type of weapon that when stunning a being, it literally "knocks out" the beings consciousness from the body for the briefest of instants. When the mind returns, the body has already shut down. The mind itself then shuts down for a brief period of time, which can be adjusted by modifying the beam strength. This would have been normal for a Kintarran, but the setting would be too high for another being such as a Human. However, if two beings were approximately close to each other and their minds were focused, the beam could literally switch their minds.

The Enterprise made first contact with two Kintarra, Ta'kha and Puor, who owned a menagerie of creatures, and they tried to capture Porthos for it. Their stun beam hit both Malcolm Reed and Porthos, causing them to switch minds, and Malcolm's body got caught. When Malcolm's body started acting like Porthos, the Kintarra thought that the original Porthos controlled the crew, and they made plans to capture a female crew member for breeding and selling the offspring to zoos.

When the crew figured out that Porthos and Malcolm switched minds, they used the Kintarra's thoughts about them to trick Ta'kha and Puor into giving Malcolm's body back, with Hoshi Sato "speaking" for Porthos with Malcolm's mind. They were able to switch their minds back and sent the weapon to Vulcan for studying. (ENT short story: "Rounding a Corner Already Turned")

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