Kira could refer to:

  • A 24th century Bajoran family:
    • Kira Nerys - A former member of the Bajoran Militia and commander of Deep Space 9, who became a Starfleet Captain upon the admission of Bajor to the Federation.
    • Kira Taban - The father of Kira Nerys.
    • Kira Meru - Wife of Kira Taban, and mother of Nerys, Pohl, and Reon.
    • Kira Nerys (mirror) - The mirror universe counterpart of Kira Nerys, and an intendant of the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance.
    • Kira Meru (mirror) - The mirror universe counterpart of Kira Meru, and a mistress of mirror universe counterpart of Skrain Dukat.
  • Kira (Tamarian), a Tamarian reference
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