Kizilbash was a female Human who lived in the 24th century. In the 2370s, she held the rank of lieutenant in Starfleet and served aboard the USS Defiant as a flight controller.

In 2373, Kizilbash piloted the Defiant under Worf's command during the assault on a Borg ship that began in the Typhon sector and continued to Earth. After the Defiant took more damage from the Borg cube, she reported to Worf that the starship's main power and shields were offline and their weapons had been depleted. Worf ordered Kizilbash to take the Defiant to ramming speed and she moved to comply, although she saw on a console that the USS Enterprise-E was approaching. (ST novelization: First Contact)

In the film, the conn officer of the Defiant was male.

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