For other uses, see Klaad.

Klaad was a male Klingon construction worker on Qo'noS in the 24th century. Named for a great warrior of the 23rd century, he was born and raised in the Kenta District of the city of Krennla.

As a youth, was close friends with G'joth and Krom. When G'joth left to join the Klingon Defense Force circa 2366, he asked Klaad to join with him; however, he decided he could not leave his family behind, in particular his son, Kimm.

Klaad worked with G'joth's father, Ch'lan, until early 2376 when their company went out of business. (KE novel: A Burning House)

Klaad's namesake may have been Thought Admiral Klaad, who appeared in Catalyst of Sorrows.

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