For other uses, see Klarr.

Klarr was a male Klingon in the 23rd century. By the late 2260s, he was the commanding officer of the IKS Pao Yar.

In 2269, he investigated a massive starship called the Compassion, which was threatining to land on the main settlement of the planet Atabis in the Klingon Neutral Zone. Atabis was referred to as Shambram by the computer aboard the Compassion. Apparently "Shambram" had once been the native name of Atabis, according to ancient inhabitants who no longer existed and were unknown to the Federation. The computer considered the planet to be the homeworld of the builders, to which a return was scheduled. Being damaged, the computer was acting on extremely outdated information and ignoring everything to the contrary. Together with the crew of the USS Enterprise, Klarr discovered that al the events had been orchestrated by the Brassica, who wanted to know if the Federation and Klingon Empire were worthy of contact with them. Klarr succeeded in convincing the Brassica that the Klingon Empire was worthy. (TOS video game: Judgment Rites)

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