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Klingon 7703rd Escort Squadron

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The Klingon 7703rd Escort Squadron was a military unit, an escort squadron of Imperial Klingon Defense Force escort starships.

In the later 23rd century, the 7703rd included K6-class gunboat vessels, and was was deployed in the area of space near the Muldor star system, under the command of then-governor Thought Admiral Krador. The squadron included the vessels K-6074, K-6113, K-6458, K-6645, K-6872 and K-6945. This group operated under the authority of Lieutenant Commander Kala, captain of the flagship K-6645. The 7703rd's primary mission objective was the security of the command cruiser IKS Achenaar, patrolling the space surrounding Muldor IV. (FASA RPG module: Termination: 1456)

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