Like many other races and cultures, the Klingons use a hierarchy of ranks, titles and uniform insignia in military and service organizations. (FASA RPG - The Klingons modules: The Klingons: Star Fleet Intelligence Manual, The Klingons: Game Operation Manual)

The FASA RPG's rank insignia only superficially represent those seen in canon. With the exception of that game's insignia, there was no real cohesive visual system of showing Klingon character ranks in Star Trek, with most costume elements used and reused randomly throughout all Klingon appearances.

Rank insigniaEdit

general wear
enlisted/general wear Klingon uniform1[1]
recruit[2] (bekk, "warrior"[3])/private second class[2] (mang[4]) Klingon recruit[2]
crewman second class[2]/private first class[2] (mang[4]) Klingon crew2[2]
crewman first class[2]/lance corporal[2] (Da'[4]) Klingon crew1[2]
petty officer second class[2] (DevwI', "leader"[4]) Klingon po2[2]
petty officer first class[2] (DevwI', "leader"[4])/sergeant[2] (bu'[4]) Klingon sgt[2]
chief petty officer[2]/sergeant major[2] Klingon cpo[2]
student officers
cadet[2] Klingon cdt[2]
line officers
ensign[2] (lagh[4])/second lieutenant[2] Klingon lt2[2]
lieutenant junior grade[2]/first lieutenant[2] Klingon lt1[2]
lieutenant[2] (Sogh[4])/captain (infantry)[2] Klingon lieutenant[2]
lieutenant commander[2]/major[2] Klingon major[2]
commander[2] (la'[4])/lieutenant colonel[2] Klingon cmdr[2]
captain[2] (HoD[4])/colonel[2] Klingon co[2][5]
flag officers
commodore (totlh[4])/brigadier ('ech[4]) Klingon flag officer[2]
major general
admiral[2] ('aj[4])/general[2] (Sa'"[4])
fleet admiral


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