Often widespread tlhIngan Hol transliterations in Federation Standard and other languages employ Z to represent one of the several distinct sibilant sounds that usually transliterate as the English "Z". These include the Klingonese j, S, and tlh.

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Klingonaase for "stronger bird". (FASA RPG module: Klingon Ship Recognition Manual)
Klingonaase word for game. Appears in words and phrases like klin zha (tlhInja[citation needed]), komerex zha, and others. (The Final Reflection, ST reference: The Klingon Art of War: Ancient Principles of Ruthless Honor)
A small, apricot-like fruit served at Kaga's Klingon restaurant on the Promenade of Deep Space 9. (DS9 episode: "Melora") It is spelled tlhImqaH in romanized tlhIngan Hol. (ST reference: Klingon for the Galactic Traveler).