Kobyk, son of Goryq was a HemQuch Klingon member of the House of Kamarag during the 2260s.

In 2269, Kobyk was serving as the supervisor of a dilithium mine in Beta Thoridar's asteroid belt when ethnic fighting broke out between the QuchHa' and HemQuch workers. This came after the security chief, Kobyk's brother Sorkav, had Kobyk authorize the execution of Malvak, son of Jorq based on a rather perfunctory investigation (since Malvak was a QuchHa') of an honor killing which Malvak had engaged in. The unrest eventually led to General Korrd deploying Captains Kang, Kor, and Koloth to restore order at the mine as it was a vital source of dilithium for the Defense Force. With much effort the captains were able to end the fighting and Sorkav was killed in single combat with Kor, a killing which Kobyk cheered - as he disliked his brother greatly, and had only hired him because his family demanded it. (ST novella: The Unhappy Ones)

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