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Kohlanese stew

Kohlanese stew

Kohlanese stew was a type of food, a stew that was popular dish available at both Quark's and Deep Space 9's Promenade replimat. (DS9 episodes: "Babel", "The Homecoming", ST reference: Star Trek Cookbook)

The Interplanetary Bar and Grill on Trill served Kohlanese stew, as did a restaurant on the Omari-Ekon. (ST reference: Federation Travel Guide, VAN novel: What Judgments Come)

The dish was also served on board the Federation starship USS Voyager. In 2371, Veronica Stadi ordered Kohlanese stew from a replicator in the USS Voyager's mess hall. (VOY novel: The Badlands, Part III)

In 2372, Voyager security officer Mehar was looking forward to her stew after a long shift. As she walked in the mess hall her tray was knocked over by Tom Paris, punched by Harry Kim. (VOY comic: "Relicquest, Part One")

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